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December 6th, 2007

11:36 pm - So very cultured~
Yup, I'm as cultured as they come! Why? Because I went to the ballet, that's why >D Specifically; the Nutcracker.

Went up to visit Nessa for the night and see the amature show. Sure it was amature, but we still had an awesome time hanging out. It's been so long since I've seen her and it was really great to spend time with my muffin <3 We spent -so- much time talking and it was great to catch up on everything. Plus she helped me out immensely with a project I've got too. Nessa is so full of win =D

When I got back today I was just watching some Heroes when Diz called and wanted to go out for dinner. So we hit the Massey house and during the meal I figured I should probably start calling people to arrange to meet and greet at timmies. Linz and Mike, and LeeLee and Ben respectively were able to make it. *sniff* Stoopid Anikka for not picking up the phone... And I'll have to try and give Kona more heads up next time so she can come out to play too =D

Visiting was fun. Just as I got into the Timmies I saw Ian, who it was also awesome to see again. Plus both linz and mike had their sketchooks so we got to paw through them. *shakes fist* damn them and their stupid talent!!! D=

But we decided that there will be bowling on wednesday. That will be much fun and hopefully there will be some sort of grog involved as well... *ponders* I wonder if JJ will be back by then? >wwwww
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December 3rd, 2007

09:27 pm - Dun dun dun!
I'm back~ ^.^
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November 6th, 2007

08:13 pm - As the year winds down...
I have less then 2 weeks of class left, and almost all of my assignments are in save for one. really, there isn't much reason to attend class... But I will anyway because I'm a whipped student like that ^.~

Been rather introspective lately, with the looming thought of home hanging over my head. All sorts of worries and uncertainties there... Yet lately I can't help but think about how utterly amazing this year has been over all.

Made many wonderful friends and seen so much of this beautiful state, but I haven't had my fill yet! I don't even know how many more people I have yet to meet, bars to go get pissed at, or places yet to see. That's what the next year will hopefully be for ^_^

Even with assignments and classes to attend, I still try and make a bit of time to be social and hang out with the friends I have here. Over the weekend the Masquerade was amazingly fun! The weather didn't agree with us so much, but the company was nothing but wonderful and everyone looked absolutely gorgeous in their outfits.

Link to pictures for thoses that weren't there ^_^

And today when I was at the zoo with JJ and Shells, a more then welcome break from essay writing. Cute tour guides and cool animals made today a total winner =D Even if we had to eat at Maccas ^.~

I know next year won't be all ups, and will certainly have it's own downs as well... But I'm still finding myself hesitant to leave, not really wanting to! At least it should just be for a month and will be back in a timely fashion. ^_____^

Thank you all for making this such a wonderful year! <333
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October 30th, 2007

05:14 pm - Chocorate~ *drools*
Mmkay! Finally settled on a date for chocolate outting to Max Brenner~ People who want to go and have the time, meet under the clocks at Flinders on Thursday after 4:30. And then there will be chocolate to be had. Yum!

Fingers crossed I get as much essay done as I'm hoping to >.> HAT U 5000 WRDS ;3;

*runs off sobbing* XD
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October 28th, 2007

03:31 pm - *melts*
Oh dear god... It's getting so bloody hot out here. Today is marvelously windy, which helps take the edge off the heat but it is still rather warm >.> And it's not even January yet!!! I'm gonna melt away into a puddle of Jade!goo when the real summer arrives. Srsly. That is my fate! D=

But on the same token I know I'll probably freeze my cute little butt off when I make it back to good 'ol CA. My only consolation with that is the snowmobiles that I know are waiting for me ^_^

Sorry y'all from home for not posting in, like forEVAR! No, I'm not dead... yet >.> Although I don't have a working computer right now, so all I can do is use the compy labs available to me on campus. Kind of sucks because that means I won't be able to talk to Anikka or family :( But the countdown to getting home is on, and I've got less then a month left here in Oz. First order of business? I wants my resin babies back!!! ;3; I misses them lots... And I also need to finalize details of what I'll be doing with Drayke *cuddles dragon* <333

Something has been bothering me lately... Le Sigh. Stoopid home. I wanna stay and hang out with the people here XP It's only for a month tho, and I am looking forward to a white Christmas with the family. Fingers crossed that I finish the presents I'll give to people.

I kind of want to get Nessa something extra special *hugs* Thanks so much for being there when I needed you hun. You were exactly what I needed to get myself back on track after that news. I miss you heaps and can't wait to see both you and TK when I get back home <33333

Not much else that I really need to say right now. *quibble* Gotta get back to work and finish assignments. Must get good marks so I can come back next year =.=;;;

OH!! PS to Aussie peoples, I propose an outing into the city for chocolate. I'm starting to get my Max Brenner cravings again =D anyone up for that eventually?

PPS - JJ? When did you want to arrange that parents BBQ? I know you told me, but I have the memory of a goldfish TAT
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September 26th, 2007

03:20 am - Is still alive!
Well, I've been meaning to post an update for quite some time now. Unfortunately it appears that the lazy bug has bitten be again >.> *kills it* D< Er... tries to at least.

Teaching prac is kind of boring this time around. My I'm taking almost half the classes that I had last time out... But I'm still there longer hours then my supervisor. Go figure O.o

It's a really interesting experience tho. Not as "wonderful" as last time out, and the standards of the school are rather low. But I'm still enjoying myself. All the other student teachers there are awesome and fun to talk to, and the kids have just had a pretty rough go of it. But I'm trying to be as positive as I can about the whole thing and just enjoy it for what it is ^^

Although, I've gotta be honest. I don't post here anymore unless I'm being whiney :P I do try not to be tho! Honest Injun! XD

But I think that I've finally figured out why things have been bothering me so much lately; I've been trying to hang on to something that's not really there anymore... I know that probably sounds kind of emo, but it's actually pretty liberating to think about.

What I left back in Ontario when I came out here was wonderful and all, but that isn't my life anymore. I feel like I've grown up a bit, matured and moved on to something not necessarily bigger and better, but different and good in it's own right. I wouldn't ever want to leave everyone from home completely behind, but I do have other people and experiences that are right in front of me.

Nothing will ever stop me from missing people back home, but I find that I miss them less and less lately. Meeting amazing new people, and really getting into my new life and mindset. I like that I'll always have them to go back to when I'm not traveling or working, but I don't need to cling to it all as desperately as I have been. And I think I'm actually better for it.

It's a really neat mindset that I've been getting myself into. Makes me feel all mature and professional. I'm here for education, and to school myself into getting a job. Still not all sunk in yet... But once I'm done my masters it'll be out into the working world for me!

*muses* Maybe that's the best part about teaching prac... It gives you a taste of what it will actually be like to invest yourself in a full-time job and profession. And I do adore the attitudes in the staffroom and how friendly people are. Now I simply can't wait to head out there! And you know, make some money too ^.~

But for now? Dishes and then making dinner <3

... And maybe get down to that schoolwork I've been avoiding =P (maybe I'm still less adult then I think I am XD )
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September 5th, 2007

02:10 am - Saturday~
Calling all flist!! OR rather the ones hanging out in Melbourne and area. You know who you are!!!

Anywho, there are plans in the works to head into the city for Noon. Meet under the Clocks and go touring around and looking at street art for a while. Then there would be a BBQ either at the beach or at a house~ Invites to you all!

Come one, come all for the experience of a lifetime! ^.~

Lemmie know if you wanna come so we know to have enough food <3
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September 4th, 2007

03:20 am - Heads up, Ryo!
Beware the fluffy pink monstrosity! >D

*snicker* It's actually very cute and I'm sure that Nikki will adore her new jumper ^^ Even Drayke enjoyed modeling a better-made jumper then my last~ Also the hoodie actually fits over the head! Joy!

Anywho, I'll see what I can do to get this to you. Either when I see you again, of Cherryl rocks up. And Imma also send along some extra yarn for attaching buttons should you desire <3

btw, check under the cut for picturesCollapse )

BTW, sorry about the poor picture quality... I finished it last night when there was no natural light around at all. Hopefully you can still get an idea of the flyffy pink-ness yes? ^_^
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September 1st, 2007

07:47 pm - Sooo tasty...
I know I promised pictures, but first I need to rant about dolls and food first! =D

Went out to Gingerboy last night. It was very very good... I liked everything that I tried, from duck to trout to cuttle fish to tofu~ Event he semi-raw eggs with sooo good... And the cocktails? Yummy! A very thorough and thought out restaurant review to be sure, but I just had to throw it out there that classy dinner was awesome and company was for the win. Everything had such a great kick to it but wasn't too spicy. I want to go back... Or dress up fancy again and take people out for Chocolate cocktails *_* (is dwelling, yes I know... But they were good!

But anyway, onto the pictures!

Follow the cut for (many) more Graffitti pics!Collapse )

Bwee! It's a Nikki <3 She's so cute and pink~

More dorrie pics under hereCollapse )

Hokay, I think that's about all I've got for now... By the time Manifest comes up I'll take oodles of pictures of cosplays (including Pyramid Head >www<) and of the freebies I've been promised ^_________^

Look forward to it! ^.~
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02:23 am - Blood-Red Moooooon~!
Did anyone else see the eclipse earlier this week? It was so freaking awesome! Blood red? Hellz yes! >wwwww<

We ended up making a day of it (or night?) when Ash came to get me for groceries. We ended up stopping by to pick up Alex and Julie for some moon watching which was awesome fun! They gave me nougat ^_^ But because the eclipse took so long to happen we ended up going out for Japanese food... I tried squid O.o It was chewy but really good. I think I'd eat it again when we went back.

But after food, we watched Alex climb some trees and collected some firewood and went back to his place for tea and fire and marshmallow roasting! I am pleased to report that I impressed the people there with my excellent marshmallow roasting skillz >D

Then we spent the rest of our evening playing Smash Brothers. It didn't matter who won, so long as it wasn't Nathan XDDD Those guys are awesome hella fun~

But it's been a decent week in general... Sure there was stress about essays being due and that Teaching Prac starts next week and I had no placement (although I do now) but I still managed to have a good time despite that.

Thursday game night kind of got bunked, but Alex came over and we had pizza. Ash was awesome enough to run a one-off Call of Cthulhu for us. I played a tabloid reporter and it was awesome! Even though I was almost digested by acid vomit in the back of an ice-cream truck ^__^;;;

Friday Lurg day is always fun because I get to play Orpheus. Seriously? I need to start doing more art of those characters. And Ruben is going to be an absolute peach and push back game to 6 while I'm at rounds *_*

Went out for tasty dinner with Ash and Pete. Yummy Italian followed by chocolate cocktails... *drools all over keyboard* SO GOOD!!! Dark chocolate with orange. I need to make a point of taking everyone that visits me to Koko Blacks when they come.

Tonight should be pretty good too. Started off with stressing about money, but fancy dinner and good company should help fix that~ What to wear!? *grins* Perhaps I better finish getting ready and go off to meet the girls =D

Although sometime later tonight (or more likely tomorrow) I will finally get around to doing a pic dump. Melbourne street art and pics from the Doll Meet I went to~ Plz to be looking forward to eeet! ^__^
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